Portable OpenSSH for Mac

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Portable OpenSSH - OpenSSH portable release for Mac OS X




Normal OpenSSH development produces a very small, secure, and easy to maintain version for the OpenBSD project.

The OpenSSH Portability Team takes that pure version and adds portability code so that OpenSSH can run on many other operating systems (Unfortunately, in particular since OpenSSH does authentication, it runs into a *lot* of differences between Unix operating systems).

The Portable OpenSSH is designed to run on the following Unix operating systems:
■ Mac OS X
■ Irix
■ Linux
■ NeXT
■ SNI/Reliant Unix
■ Solaris
■ Digital Unix/Tru64/OSF
■ Cygwin
■ ... and more are being added all the time.

The Portable OpenSSH follows development of the official version, but releases are not synchronized. Portable releases are marked with a 'p' (e.g. 4.4p1). The official OpenBSD source will never use the 'p' suffix, but will instead increment the version number when 'stable spots' will be hit in the package development.

NOTE: Portable OpenSSH is released under the BSD License.
Last updated on June 9th, 2014

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