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Helps you collect data, analyze Wi-Fi signal and visualize the signal strength and signal-to-noise ratio of your wireless network

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NetSpot is a powerful and intuitive Mac OS X application that enables you to use your MacBook as a wireless site survey device in order to analyze your Wi-Fi network and solve various problems regarding your network.

Create comprehensive network maps and analyze your Wi-Fi coverage

Thanks to NetSpot, you can detect and map the strength of your Wi-Fi network with just a couple of mouse clicks. You just have to load your house or office plan and initiate the network site survey by moving around inside the building.

Every time you reach a new location, you can point it on the map and NetSpot automatically starts to measure the wireless signal. Moving to multiple points can provide a more accurate map and could also help you detect radio signal leakages, view noise resources, discover effective access points and map channel usage with ease.

Visualize your wireless network and discover free channels

With NetSpot’s help, you can visualize your Wi-Fi map, reveal dead zones without coverage and place additional hotspots accordingly. On top of that, you can check the channels load and make the required adjustments with ease.

What is more, NetSpot can be used for Wi-Fi planning by loading a map, collecting wireless survey data and building an exhaustive heatmap of your network. Consequently, you can view the channel availability, locate empty channels and, as a result, the perfect selection for a new Wi-Fi network. Moreover, you can find channels for your new Wi-Fi hotspots with the lowest signal to noise ratio.

Check the network performance in real-time and make the necessary adjustments

From NetSpot’s main window, you can easily view all nearby wireless networks along with their encryption type, vendor, signal strength and noise level. At the same time, the Signal & Noise chart helps you visualize the network performance in real time.
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Last updated on April 29th, 2015
NetSpot - By accessing the main window of the application, you will be able to discover and analyze the wireless networks found in your area.NetSpot - You can also create a survey that includes details of you new project, such as zone name or type.NetSpot - The application also allows you to perform area map calibration, if needed.NetSpotNetSpot

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