MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.3.4

A very powerful and easy to use driver that allows you to quickly connect to a MySQL database server using the ODBC database API.

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What's new in MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.3.4:

  • Security Note:
  • Security Fix: The linked OpenSSL library for Connector/ODBC Commercial 5.3.4 has been updated from version 1.0.1g to version 1.0.1h. Versions of OpenSSL prior to and including 1.0.1g are reported to be vulnerable to CVE-2014-0224.
  • This change does not affect the Oracle-produced MySQL Community build of Connector/ODBC 5.3.4, which uses the yaSSL library instead. (CVE-2014-0224)
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MySQL Connector/ODBC can be used as an ODBC database driver on multiple platforms, such as Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

By installing the MySQL Connector/ODBC driver you will be able to connect to any MySQL databases using the ODBC interface.

There are multiple applications which require you to install the MySQL Connector/ODBC, with some of them being Filemaker, ColdFusion, among others.

Installing the MySQL Connector/ODBC on your Mac is easy, you just have to follow a couple of steps. You must extract the archive, copy the two subdirectories to a suitable location and, after that, register with iODBC using the myodbc-installer bundled with  MySQL Connector/ODBC.

ODBC is one of the standard APIs that allow you to connect to SQL servers. It includes a large number of data types, error codes and function calls that you can use for developing database-independent tools.

The MySQL Connector/ODBC gives you a native interface for the MySQL database, while fully supporting the MySQL functionality. Some of the supported functions include transactions, unicode compliance and stored procedures.

Last updated on July 20th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel only)

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