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A powerful, flexible and reliable application that helps you access your home or work computer using your Mac, PC, iOS or Android device

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LogMeIn is a handy and user-friendly Mac OS X application that enables you to quickly and effortlessly access your PC or Mac, transfer or share files and remotely print documents.

Helps you connect to various remote desktops and transfer files with ease

Thanks to LogMeIn, you can access your computer desktop, applications and files and work like you were sitting in front of it. Moreover, you can provide support to your clients or help your family and friends download, install and use various apps.

What is more, LogMeIn helps you keep your files, photos and pictures close. Hence, you can quickly and securely transfer various files between multiple devices via the file manager. You can also synchronize, copy or move directories from one Mac to another Mac or PC.

Quickly connect to the desired computer and access the needed files

With LogMeIn Client’s help you can instantly connect to a remote computer and securely login in using locally stored and encrypted passwords. You can launch LogMeIn Client from LogMeIn’s status bar menu with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Once connected to the desired computer, you can print documents stored on the remote Mac or PC using the nearest printer. You can also use various tools like Whiteboard or pointer to provide instructions and support to other LogMeIn users.

From LogMeIn Control Panel window you can check your Mac’s status, learn how to access your own Mac using another Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone or Android device. In addition, you can turn on or off the LogMeIn feature, check your settings and access the Preferences window.

Draw on the other desktop, provide indications and support

When your remote connection to another Mac or PC is established via the LogMeIn Client window, you can now fully control the remote desktop and take advantage of the features the LogMeIn has to offer.

Moreover, you can organize your remote computers in user-definable groups and locally store the user and password for each of the available desktops.

LogMeIn was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 18th, 2015
LogMeIn - From LogMeIn's status bar menu you can access the LogMeIn Control Panel and LogMeIn Client.LogMeIn - You can easily make your Mac accessible and connect to other Mac or PCs.LogMeIn - screenshot #3LogMeIn - screenshot #4LogMeIn - The Options toolbar helps you enable and use various tools and customize the network connection.LogMeIn - screenshot #6LogMeIn - screenshot #7LogMeIn - screenshot #8LogMeIn - screenshot #9

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