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A web application that will help you and your company by providing support for agile deployment processes of text or binary files






Many companies have adopted agile development methodologies that enable the frequent delivery of enhancements or maintenance releases.

Unfortunately, reliability requirements of business critical applications introduces delays in deploying these enhancements on live environments - be it in a server room, on customer sites or in the cloud - that cancel many of the benefits of this nimble development process.

Kwatee's aim is to sustain agile deployment processes that keep up with the development pace without compromising service continuity and to eliminate the operational risk involved in updating mission-critical software.

Efficiency - Kwatee fully automates deployments of text and/or binary files from a reference software repository to any number of target servers in your datacenter or in the cloud.

Differential updates, that is, the deployment of only files that are different from the ones already installed or that are new, and deployment parallelization yield quick and bandwidth efficient updates of even large applications.

Reliability - automation eliminates human errors during configuration. Also, Kwatee can be used to enforce a centralized change control process.

The integrity check feature detects out-of-process changes that may have been done manually on the servers and alert the operator so that a decision might be made to integrate these changes in the reference configuration or revert to the reference configuration.

Flexibility - Kwatee enables a high degree of flexibility in setting up application configuration parameters. The same package can readily be deployed with different parameters in various work contexts such as development, QA, support or production.

Professional Services departments can personalize (i.e. brand) generic software packages on their own while taking the pain out of keeping the personalization up-to-date with every new release.

Detailed instructions on how to install and use the Kwatee utility on your Mac are available HERE.
Last updated on July 16th, 2014
Kwatee - Kwatee's objective is to support agile deployment processes that keep up with the development pace.

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