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A straightforward Java Swing application specially made to help you run numerous SNMP sessions at the same time and save the results with ease

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JSNMPWalker is a cross-platform application aimed at a narrow group of Mac users that need a flexible and reliable utility capable to help them perform any number of SNMP commands at the same time.

Effortlessly run multiple SNMP sessions with just a couple of mouse clicks

It is worth mentioning that SNMP, short for Simple Network Management Protocol, offers you management control over your network by using the IP addresses of the connected devices.

A wide variety of devices feature SNMP support and between the compatible devices you could find switches, workstations, routers, servers, printers and other network enabled units.

With JSNMPWalker’s help, you can easily and quickly send numerous SNMP commands to a extensive group of devices from your network with the possibility to scan and discover all available devices.

On top of that, JSNMPWalker makes it easy for you to load management information bases - MIBs, as well as define SNMP commands, IP nodes and OIDs (object identifiers).

Take advantage of the featured commands and easily print the info about request and responses

Consequently, you can use JSNMPWalker to help you with various SNMP-related tasks by providing commands like “Get”, “GetBulk”, “GetNext”, and “Walk”. You just have to select the desired IP address of the device you are sending the command to and add the object identifiers.

Furthermore, JSNMPWalker features a management information base browser that helps you navigate through and make modifications within the SNMP command tree panel.The network discovery function enables you to easily select your network type, IP, prefix length, pin and scanning timeout.

Define custom SNMP commands, IP nodes and OIDS with ease

More experienced users also have access to a number of SNMP functions such as authentication passphrase, security name and level, type of privacy passphrase and type. In addition, you can provide a port number, timeout and retries values and check the results in the right panel of JSNMPWalker.

All in all, JSNMPWalker is a lightweight, intuitive and reliable Java-based environment compatible with numerous platforms and operating systems that targets a small group of users.

JSNMPWalker was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 31st, 2014
JSNMPWalker - From JSNMPWalker's main window you can easily run multiple SNMP sessions at the same time.JSNMPWalker - The context menu helps you edit the command and offers access to Edit, Cut, Delete, Copy and Paste functions.JSNMPWalker - By accessing the File menu, you can easily open the Configuration window.JSNMPWalker

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