MUSCLE for Mac

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Cross-platform and simple to use client-server messaging system designed for building dynamic distributed applications from scratch





MUSCLE is practical cross-platform client-server messaging system created for a wide variety of applications capable to run under any POSIX-compliant operating system.

Furthermore, MUSCLE is used as a networking component of numerous applications like CueStation, BeShare, CueConsole and many other audio control applications.

Thanks to MUSCLE you can easily send messages from one computer to another over TCP streams, run a muscled server on your Mac, send messaged under any operating system and more.

NOTE: Detailed installation and usage instructions are available in the HOWTOBUILD.txt files located inside the muscle ZIP file.
Last updated on July 9th, 2015
MUSCLE - When running the muscled command line tool from a Terminal window with the 'help' argument, it will display a usage message.

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