IP in menubar for Mac

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Displays your IP address in the menu bar.






IP in menubar is an easy to use, small application that runs in the background and shows the current IP dddress of your Mac in the menu bar.

There are options available to customize the appearance of the menu entry. The IP address is updated regularly. Switch on the Router option if you are behind a router or gateway.

You can still see your local IP address in the menu. You can be quit this application using the menu or by using the Activity Monitor (see /Applications/Utilities folder). 

IP in menubar is an example of what you can do in REALbasic using the MBS Plugins and their NSStatusItemMBS class.
Last updated on April 30th, 2014
IP in menubar - IP in menubar is a small application that shows your current IP address in your system's menu bar.IP in menubar - Here you can visualize your IP.

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