WiFi Signal for Mac3.4.1

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Inconspicuous and no-frills OS X utility designed to help you closely monitor your Wi-Fi connection's noise levels and signal quality

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In an era when wireless networks are omnipresent, Adrian Granados’ WiFi Signal application tries to make it as effortless and as simple as possible for Mac users to keep a close eye on their Wi-Fi’s signal stats at all times.

Moreover, once you launch it and open its status bar menu, WiFi Signal will present you with a detailed and real-time graph of the currently active Wi-Fi’s signal quality.

WiFi troubleshooting capabilities

Because it allows you to observe the Wi-Fi network’s signal evolution, WiFi Signal can be seen as an indispensable tool for easily troubleshooting various issues that may occur while using your wireless hotspot.

WiFi Signal also comes with a channel recommendation feature that will enable you to avoid channel conflicts and signal overlapping that would generate a variety of connectivity problems or signal deterioration.

Analyze your wireless hotspot's signal intensity

Additionally, WiFi Signal will make it possible to view the signal strength using either percentages or the dBm scale, thus allowing network professionals to analyze the signal modifications of a Wi-Fi hotspot a lot more precisely.

Although suitable for both beginners and advanced users, due to its minimal interface and ease of use, WiFi Signal should be the tool of choice of the former, mainly on account of the limited amount of information it presents. Users that need to look into serious network issues should give a try to WiFi Explorer, Adrian Granados’ more complex Wi-Fi analysis utility.

Intuitive Wi-Fi signal viewer and monitor

To sum it all up, WiFi Signal is a no-frills and low-key app that will allow you to trace and correct simple WiFi connection issues like channel conflicts, when you’re on the go or after you’ve just installed a new wireless router in your home or office.

WiFi Signal was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on October 7th, 2015
WiFi Signal - From WiFi Signal's status bar menu you will be able to get a detailed report of your WiFi network's signal quality.WiFi Signal - By accessing the WiFi Signal Settings menu, you can easily choose the graph type you want to see in the main panel.WiFi Signal - WiFi Signal also offers you the possibility to see the IP address or the MCS index.

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