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Froq is still a work in progress, but now available to the public as a PUBLIC BETA, to allow for public testing.

Froq is, as the abbreviations tells us, a tool for rapid Oracle querying, it's a Mac OS X application providing easy access to Oracle databases. Froq will provide a intuitive and fast interface to your database.

By providing some unique searching features, Froq allows you to browse through your data in fast and easy fashion. While the 'Quickfilter' allows you to simplify the search for specific data, the 'CrossQuery' feature allows you to jump from table to table to quickly find any related data.

Next too these simplified browsing features, Froq offers an SQL input area allowing you to execute any SQL you desire. Froq offers a plan table, to analyse how Oracle will execute your statements, options to export data, re-format SQL and many more.

For the DBA-er or database analysist the Froq Management Window, can help find any database problems. Froq offers in inside in database information and settings, an overview of all sessions, locks as well as long operations. For every running session Froq can display detailed session information.

Froq is currently available in English and in Dutch.
Last updated on November 12th, 2014
Froq - Here you can create a new connection.Froq - This menu allows you to visualize the new connection.Froq - Some connection actions can be accessed this way.Froq - One can also make SQL changes.Froq - Quickfilter actions are available in this panel.Froq - screenshot #6Froq - screenshot #7Froq - screenshot #8Froq - screenshot #9Froq - screenshot #10

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