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A powerful network protocol analyzer and packet sniffer for your Mac that helps you capture, display and filter packet trace files

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Cocoa Packet Analyzer is a self-explanatory Mac OS X implementation of a network protocol analyzer and packet sniffer.

Quickly and effortlessly capture packets

Cocoa Packet Analyzer comes with support for the industry standard PCAP packet capture format and helps you read, capture and write packet trace files. Hence, you can effortlessly capture packets in order to analyze, display and filter packet trace files.

From Cocoa Packet Analyzer’s main window you can easily initiate the capture process, open existing trace files in order to analyze, display and filter standard PCAP files and access the Preferences window. The right panel provides a list with recently opened packet traces from where you can open the desired file.

Customize the capture process, use the desired capture interface and filter the captured packets with ease

Before starting the capturing process, you can choose the desired capture interface, set the capture length, type in the filter expressions and enable or disable the Monitor and/or the Promiscuous mode. The recored results are automatically displayed in a new window when at the end of the capturing process.

The top toolbar helps you open a PCAP file, capture a new one, jump to a specific packet number and filter the displayed results using the Find feature. Fortunately you can use conditional search criteria and precisely filter the captured packets.

Save and reuse your queries with just a couple of mouse clicks

Moreover, you can save your queries and reuse them on other PCAP files as well. There is also a powerful filter form that helps you to quickly narrow the number of displayed packets.

Furthermore, you can sort all displayed packets based on their ID, source, destination, capture or packet length, protocol, date or transmitted information. On top of that, you can access the View menu and add or remove columns, open packet or packets in a new window, access the protocol statistics and expand or collapse items.

Cocoa Packet Analyzer was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 8th, 2014
Cocoa Packet Analyzer - From Cocoa Packet Analyzer's main window you will be able to monitor and analyze your network protocol.Cocoa Packet Analyzer - By right clicking on an IP address you can view and inspect all captured packets in a new window.Cocoa Packet Analyzer - The Capture menu helps you start or stop a capture and also enables you to scan interfaces.Cocoa Packet Analyzer - screenshot #4Cocoa Packet Analyzer - screenshot #5Cocoa Packet Analyzer - screenshot #6Cocoa Packet Analyzer - screenshot #7

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