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An open-source bandwidth monitor application for Mac OS X that enables you to access the info from a web console, or via the command line.

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BitMeter OS is a very easy to use Mac utility that enables you to effortlessly monitor your bandwidth usage, and even send out notifications if a certain amount is exceeded. This way, you can always see when you have used your internet connection, and make sure you never go over your monthly subscription.

Quick to install bandwidth monitoring tool that works in the background

For your convenience, BitMeter OS comes with an installer package: all you have to do is follow the on screen instructions. Once the process in over, you will be able to use the BitMeter OS capabilities via the command line (the”bmclient -h” allows you to see the usage details) or you can make use of the local web console (within any web browser navigate to “http://localhost:2605/index.html” ).

Note that the BitMeter OS app will be running in the background each time you start your computer in order to record details about your network usage: you can use the command line or the web console to analyze the data, even though the latter is a lot more intuitive and provides beautiful graphic representations.

Uncomplicated monitoring tool that provides comprehensive usage details

Within the BitMeter OS web console you are able to effortlessly visualize both the download and upload rates in a graph that is updated in real time. In addition, you can see graphs that depict the network activity in minutes, hours, or days.

Simply navigate the BitMeter OS tabs and you will be able to see usage summaries, to perform queries for specific time frames, to set up alerts, to calculate download times and so on. All in all, using the web console is a lot more easy to use than its command line counterpart.

To conclude, BitMeter OS is an unobtrusive software solution that can monitor your internet usage without interfering with your work or cluttering your desktop. Moreover, the notification system will prove to be very useful if you have a limited subscription.

BitMeter OS was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 9th, 2014
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