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A user-friendly and practical application that helps you scan for open networks and obtain detailed information about the selected network

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AirRadar is a straightforward wireless network scanner designed to help you find open networks, organize them into different groups and save the list with all discovered networks.

WiFi scanner

From AirRadar’s main window you easily scan for nearby open and password protected wireless networks with just a couple of mouse clicks.

All discovered networks are displayed in an easy-to-read list that you can sort according to the SSID name, Signal strength, Signal average and maximum power, Noise level, Channel number, Encryption type, last seen data, BSSID and specifications.

Thanks to the context menu you can open the Details window, join the network, add it to Favorites or delete it from the list.

Network information grabber

By accessing AirRadar’s Details window, you can view detailed information about the selected network. Hence, you can view the channel frequency, encryption method, discovery date, Vendor name and more.

The Graph tab helps you visualize the signal strength and noise level over a certain period of time. You can even use the Comment section to write down observations, notes or warnings.

Intuitive interface

The top toolbar helps you load or save a network list, join the selected network, disconnect from the WiFi, add the network to your Favorite list or Filter and stop the scanning process.

Handy assistant

You can use the Network Setup Assistant to determine which WiFi channel you should use after scanning the local area for nearby networks within range. A list with suggested low-traffic channels will be provided at the end of the scanning process.

What is more, AirRadar automatically groups the discovered networks according to different criteria. Consequently, you can use them as filters to find open networks, secure networks, Wireless N and Generic Networks.

AirRadar was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on July 13th, 2015
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