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A handy and versatile tool that enables you to sync data between FileMaker Go or FileMaker Pro and a FileMaker Server in just a few easy steps






360Works MirrorSync is a powerful yet easy-to-handle synchronization tool that quickly and seamlessly syncs an offline database running on FileMaker Go or FileMaker Pro with a multi-user database hosted by FileMaker Server.

360Works MirrorSync's GUI is simple and intuitive FileMaker synchronization product that connects FileMaker Server with FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go.

You will be able to sync the hosted file with their FMGo or Pro clients, go off network to make changes, and sync again when a connection is available.

Furthermore, mobile users can carry an offline copy of their database with them on their iPhones and iPads, or home/remote users can use bidirectional sync with their laptop and desktop computers to work offline.

Detailed instructions on how to install and use the 360Works MirrorSync utility on your Mac are available HERE.

360Works MirrorSync is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X and Windows. Binaries for the Windows platform are available on the project's homepage.
Last updated on July 12th, 2015
360Works MirrorSync - Thanks to 360Works MirrorSync you can manage multiple kinds of configurations.360Works MirrorSync - The Primary Key and Modification Timestamp Mapping window helps you enter information about your tables.360Works MirrorSync - 360Works MirrorSync is capable to automatically synchronize you scripts for you.360Works MirrorSync - screenshot #4360Works MirrorSync - screenshot #5360Works MirrorSync - screenshot #6

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