libavg 1.8.0

High-level development platform for media applications

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What's new in libavg 1.8.0:

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Ulrich von Zadow
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libavg is a high-level multimedia platform with a focus on interactive installations. It is meant to pick up where Macromedia Director and Adobe Flash leave off and gives you high-quality hardware-accelerated visuals as well as easy and flexible authoring, testing and deployment.

libavg works well with other open-source solutions for sound, networking and hardware device support, resulting in a complete and well-integrated package.

libavg is using python as scripting language and an xml-based layout language for the screen design.

Screen Layout Engine - The screen layout engine is at the heart of avg. It is responsible for dealing with graphical elements (images, videos, text, camera output) in a generic way and for putting these on the screen. Among others, it supports:
· Hierarchial layouts.
· Cropping.
· Scaling.
· Rotation.
· Element-level transparency.
· Image alpha channels.
· Additive and subtractive as well as averaging blend modes.
· Subpixel precision for smooth animations.
· Hardware-accelerated OpenGL rendering.
· Warping and mirroring of elements.

Video Support - libavg video support means:
· Playback pause and restart, playback at user-determined framerates.
· Complete display engine integration, including cropping, scaling, rotation and transparency.
· Videos with an alpha channel are supported.
· Very high performance: A Core 2 Duo system can play back two full HD videos at once with the right setup. That's 2x1920x1080 pixels at 25 frames a second.
· Seeks at interactive rates: Essentially, libavg allows random access to the frames of full HD videos without delays using mjpg files.

Text Support - Text rendering is supported with:
· Paragraph-level layout using html -like syntax.
· Bold/italic etc.
· Colored text.
· Left-/Right-justified as well as centered paragraphs.
· Kerning and antialiasing.
· Full internationalization using utf8: Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew are all rendered correctly and can be mixed.
· Layout - including font face and size - changes in mid-paragraph.

Sound Support
· libavg supports mixing of an unlimited amount of stereo sounds with a high-quality limiter to avoid artifacts on volume spikes. It supports alsa on linux and core audio on Mac OS X for low-latency sound output.

Camera Support
· libavg supports a wide variety of firewire and Video4Linux cameras with resolutions up to 1024x768. Setting camera parameters such as brightness, exposure, saturation and gamma is also possible.

· libavg has built-in support for smooth time-based animations. Any numeric attribute of a node - x, y, angle, etc. - can be animated with a single line of code to create linear and spline-based movements.

· libavg was used as the basis for the c-base MultiTouch Console MTC ( and thus supports camera tracking and multitouch surfaces built using firewire and Video4Linux cameras.

Authoring - All of python is available for scripting. libavg directly provides:
· Properties of display elements as python variables.
· Full-featured event handling system.
· Timers (setTimeout, setInterval).
· Support for logging.
· High-level profiling to find performance bottlenecks.
· High-precision frame timing and synchronization to vertical blanking for smooth animations.

Last updated on February 18th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Universal Binary)


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