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A powerful yet flexible utility that provides the tools and features you need to design and build desktop apps using Adobe Flash

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Zinc is a fully-featured Mac OS X application that enables you to create, built and deploy applications, screen savers, games, DVDs and widgets based upon the Adobe Flash SWF format.

A versatile and feature-rich application builder and deployer

In other words, Zinc is a comprehensive development environment for applications based on the Adobe Flash platform, that seamlessly integrates with Flash and Flash Builder in order to compile your SWF files into Mac OS X, Linux or Windows applications.

Hence, you can create your project in Flash or Flash Builder, or open an existing Flash/Flex project and simply use the standard ActionScript, Components and other Flash/Flex assets in your project. When your work is complete, you can export it to a SWF file that can be compiled with Zinc into a standalone application for the desired operating system.

Since your application does not require plug-ins or runtimes you can run it directly from a CD, DVD, USB drive, external drive and even on a virtual machine.

Helps you extend ActionScript 1, 2 and 3 with numerous new commands and classes

What is more, Zinc is capable to extend ActionScript with over 600 commands and classes specific to desktop applications with the help of {mdm}Script. Moreover, you can fully customize your app and adjust the window size, change the border style, icon, style and more to your needs and requirements. You can even change the Application license, description and build number directly from within Zinc.

Build useful application for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux in no time

It is worth mentioning that Zinc is made using two separate elements. The Zinc Builder, an IDE for Mac OS X and Zinc Plug-ing, modules for the builder that provides the instructions on how to compile an SWF into a desktop app for Mac, Windows or Linux.

Consequently, you can create Mac OS X, Linux and Windows applications from either a Mac or PC. Furthermore, Zinc features a powerful Command SDK designed for advanced developers that want to create their own Command Extensions for Zinc Projector.

Zinc was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on April 28th, 2014

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