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A very well organized media viewer that is able to handle more than 500 different file formats and includes conversion capabilities.

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XnViewMP is a media browser that provides support for a large collection of file formats, and offers you the possibility to quickly convert them to about 70 different formats without too much trouble. Since the app includes batch processing capabilities, handling large photo albums is quite straightforward.

Well structured media browser that can help you organize your images by category

By default, the XnViewMP main window opens in browser mode, so you will be able to navigate your hard disk and select the files and folders you want to visualize. XnViewMP will display both the folder content, and extensive information about the currently selected file.

The app automatically generates thumbnails for the supported file formats, so you can easily decide which category you should assign to a specific image. XnViewMP comes with a predefined list of image categories, but you have the option to rename them, or add new ones.

Use the built-in viewer to browse your image collections in slideshow mode

XnViewMP offers you the possibility to switch to viewer mode, which means that you get to navigate the currently selected folder by using the arrow keys. At the same time, you can choose to enable the full screen mode and the slideshow functionality, and go through the photo album automatically.

The XnViewMP viewer also integrates a couple of basic image editing tools: you can rotate, resize or crop the images, adjust color related parameters, or visualize the extensive metadata information attached to the current image.

Powerful media browser and converter that can enhance your productivity

XnViewMP offers you the possibility to both view and organize your image collections and you see fit. At the same time, the app enables you to export your files to a file format of your choice.

Considering the large number of supported file formats, the built-in previewing tools, and the extensive conversion capabilities, XnViewMP can be a very useful addition to your software collection.

XnViewMP was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on December 30th, 2014
XnViewMP - In the main window of the application you can browse and visualize image files.XnViewMP - You can also place your images into categories, in order to easily reach them.XnViewMP - This tab provides you quick access to an image histogram.XnViewMP - screenshot #4XnViewMP - screenshot #5XnViewMP - screenshot #6XnViewMP - screenshot #7XnViewMP - screenshot #8XnViewMP - screenshot #9XnViewMP - screenshot #10XnViewMP - screenshot #11XnViewMP - screenshot #12XnViewMP - screenshot #13XnViewMP - screenshot #14XnViewMP - screenshot #15

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