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Microsoft's vetted application for quickly and effortlessly syncing the content of your iTunes and iPhoto libraries to your Windows Phone 7.

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Developed by Microsoft to close the gap between your Mac’s iTunes and iPhoto libraries, Windows Phone enables you to quickly transfer content to your Zune HD or to a mobile device running the WP operating system.

To use Windows Phone you must grant access to the application to your iTunes and iPhoto libraries: press “OK” when prompted and then direct the app to where the library is stored. This process is essential to the app’s workflow and the good news is that you must make this setting only the first time you run Windows Phone.

Inbuilt Contacts integration

Moreover, Windows Phone will also ask for access to your Contacts app but this data is not required for the app to work properly: pressing “no” will have no obvious side effect.

In addition, to complete the transfer, you must make sure your Windows Phone is connected to your Mac: the app will scan for new devices and will display general information about the last synced data, the available storage space and the type of data currently accumulated.

Easy to use Windows Phone browser

Windows Phone allows you to browse the device’s content and organizes your Mac’s media by type: music, photos & videos, movies & TV shows, podcasts and ringtones. According to the media type, you can choose to sync iTunes playlists or iPhoto albums.

Windows Phone’s interface is fairly intuitive as long as you keep in mind that the media panels display content stored on your Mac that will be transferred to your Mac and not vice-versa.

Selectively sync the content on your Windows Phone device

Fortunately, you do not have to sync your entire libraries: through a system of check boxes you get to select precisely which songs, playlist or music genre you want to copy to your device. The same rules apply to your iPhoto library: you can choose to transfer specific albums or images associated with a certain event or person.

Powerful and full-featured Windows Phone device browser and sync utility

All in all, Windows Phone is a streamlined and comprehensive OS X application to be used when you need to quickly transfer media content from your Mac to devices that are running Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system.

Windows Phone was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on April 22nd, 2014
Windows Phone - In the Windows Phone main window you can rename you device and view information about its storage capacity.Windows PhoneWindows PhoneWindows Phone - In the Windows Phone media panels you can choose the music, photos and videos you want to sync to your phone.Windows PhoneWindows Phone - In the Windows Phone Browse Device panel you can view the music and photos stored on your WP device.Windows Phone

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