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A lightweight and powerful application that enables you to take control of various real time video apps, lighting setups and complex multimedia environments

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Vezér is a streamlined multimedia controller specially designed for audiovisual artist that need to handle various video applications, as well as MIDI, DMX or OSC enabled environments.

Easy-to-learn and use workflow

Vezér comes with a simple and user-oriented interface that makes it easy for your to control various environments through the use of a timeline based MIDI, OSC and DMX automations.

The main window is divided into three different panels that provide access to your compositions, MIDI, OSC and DMX devices and to your timeline.

You have the option to quickly zoom in or out the timeline, adjust the tempo and modify the behavior of the controlled app or device.

Moreover, you have the power to enable or disable controllers and you can add as many compositions as you like to your project.

Compatible with MIDI, OSC and DMX protocols

The clear and uncluttered interface also helps you connect Vezér to other applications, record MIDI and OSC controls and save presets for each OSC type Tracks. Moreover, Vezér features DMX support via Art-Net and provides a built-in Midi Clock and Timecode (MTC).

What is more, you can save your preferences for all tracks including targets and create an unlimited number of tracks and compositions. In addition, you can insert different track types into a compositions and independently control all existing compositions.

Create and control multiple compositions with ease

Vezér is also capable to synchronize to MIDI clock or MIDI timecode and playback compositions in a queue. You have the option to import data from MIDI files and Adobe Color Swatches files, convert audio to keyframes and cut, copy or paste keyframes between tracks.

For example, you can use MIDI to trigger still images and create stop-motion like animation in CoGe or use tow different OSC tracks in Vezér in order to scale still images in Modul8.

Vezér was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 30th, 2015
Vezér - From Vezér's main window you can easily create and play multiple compositions.Vezér - screenshot #2Vezér - The File menu helps you import MIDI files or Color swatch files with ease.Vezér - By accessing the Project menu, you can create new compositions, MIDI maps and display OSC namespaces.Vezér - screenshot #5Vezér - screenshot #6Vezér - screenshot #7Vezér - screenshot #8Vezér - screenshot #9Vezér - screenshot #10

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