Unity 5.0.1 Patch 2 / 5.1.0 Beta 4

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High-end and GUI based tool for game development that comes with a very powerful engine and allows you to create projects compatible with different devices.

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What's new in Unity 5.0.1 Patch 2:

  • Improvements:
  • Physics 2D: Added 'AreaEffector2D.useGlobalAngle' to allow the selection of whether the force-angle is global or local.
  • Physics 2D: Added 'Effector2D.useColliderMask' to allow the selection of whether the effector collider mask is used or the global collision matrix.
  • Physics 2D: Added 'Rigidbody2D.IsTouching' and 'Rigidbody2D.IsTouchingLayers' to complement the same on 'Collider2D' and 'Physics2D'.
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Unity - Here you can create a new project.Unity - This tool allows you to view the semistatic environments.Unity - You can also zoom in and out of a project.Unity - This menu allows you to access various assets.Unity - An user can also place and delete game objects.Unity - This menu allows you to access various component actions.UnityUnityUnityUnity
Unity is a complex and powerful game development environment that comes with an advanced rendering engine, which seamlessly integrates numerous intuitive tools and rapid workflows designed to help you create interactive 2D and 3D content.

Create and deploy games from within a powerful development ecosystem

Thank to Unity’s user-oriented and expandable Editor workspace, you can quickly and easily assemble your scenes, test, edit and even play the game in order to rapidly complete your project. You can import the desired assets, create complex worlds with the help of Unity’s scalable scene building blocks.

Unity’s light, audio, shadow and special effects make it easy for you to accurately add details to your graphics and enhance the gaming experience. You can recreate any real-world situation, from bright days and cloudy evenings to dimly lit midnight streets and shadowy tunnels.

Experiment with special visual and audio effects

Add fireworks, explosions, sound effects and light rays to create a dynamic and enthralling game for all players, regardless the platform from which they enjoy you game. The comprehensive toolset, rapid iteration capabilities and smooth workflows make it easy for you to create realistic simulations, visualizations, as well as 2D or 3D games.

On top of that, you can import models and animations from a wide variety of 3D applications like Maya, Modo, Cinema 4D, Max, Blender and many other content creation apps. At the same time, you can use Unity’s optimization tools to obtain the best performance and graphics from your game.

Bring your personages to life with natural and fluid movement

The Profiler window helps you monitor the memory usage, CPU and GPU load, draw calls and other relevant data. You can use the available resources to animate human and non-human characters with real-life like motion.

The great thing about Unity, is that you can create a game that can be played on all major desktop and mobile operating systems without compromising the gaming experience and performance.

Unity was reviewed by , last updated on April 24th, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Intel only)

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