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Neatly organize your music collection in no time with the help of this streamlined and user-friendly audio utility for your Mac.

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TuneUp is a comprehensive cross-platform audio utility that makes it as easy as possible for you to neatly organize and manage your digital music libraries and collections.

In your case, as a Mac user, TuneUp will be one of the best companion apps for the either loved or hated, iTunes. Getting to the point of the matter, TuneUp makes it possible for you to “clean” your music libraries, to fill in missing cover art, to remove duplicate tracks and to share music with your friends.

Cleans up your iTunes library, fills in cover art and removes duplicates. In our book, that’s a versatile app

And because TuneUp comes with full drag and drop support from iTunes onto its interface, you are just a few simple steps away from organizing your music library. By dragging and dropping tracks from iTunes directly onto the Clean tab, TuneUp will intelligently fix all the mislabeled song information.

TuneUp’s Cover Art feature will be especially useful, as it checks your song’s album, artist, and name information and will automatically find the correct album artwork by listing all the albums with missing cover art. From here, you must simply review the results album by album and save the artwork.

Considering the fact that you can’t really have organized music collections without getting rid of duplicates, TuneUp scans your collection for dupes and makes it very simple for you to remove them with only a few clicks.

Undeniably fast and efficient, brought down only by an outdated interface

While there’s no denying that TuneUp is a very effective and quite user-friendly application, the interface is not what you would call up to modern standards.

Yes, it gets the job done, and yes, you might argue that you don’t really need more than that, but, that fact of the matter is that the interface is so cramped and the buttons are so small, that working with TuneUp for more than a couple of minutes will take a toll on your eyes.

Organize your music libraries and collections with just a few mouse clicks

All in all, TuneUp is one of those apps with a lot more good parts than bad ones and it will surely help you organize your music collection without having to struggle with complicated procedures whatsoever.

TuneUp was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on September 16th, 2015
TuneUp [DISCOUNT: 69% OFF!] - From Tuneup Companion's Clean tab you can analyze you collection and check if your songs have all the needed metadata.TuneUp [DISCOUNT: 69% OFF!] - The Cover Art tab helps you search the missing cover art for your albums and songs.TuneUp [DISCOUNT: 69% OFF!] - By accessing the DeDuper tab you will be able to find duplicate songs and easily remove them from your playlist.TuneUp [DISCOUNT: 69% OFF!] - screenshot #4TuneUp [DISCOUNT: 69% OFF!] - screenshot #5TuneUp [DISCOUNT: 69% OFF!] - screenshot #6TuneUp [DISCOUNT: 69% OFF!] - screenshot #7TuneUp [DISCOUNT: 69% OFF!] - screenshot #8

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