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A useful and versatile application designed to help users add subtitles to their favorite movies or video files, as well as convert and export files in various formats

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Subler is an OS X video multiplexer designed from the get-go to be as simple as possible and effective in aiding you to “mux” .mp4 and other video files. This mean that, Subler will enable users to add subtitles or remove data inside movie or video files.

Add subtitles or additional audio tracks to your videos in a simple and fast manner

Subler, alongside with its simple, straightforward interface and controls, plus the fact that it runs “straight of the box”, will assist users by adding subtitles to their favorite media files in a simple manner.

The process of learning to use Subler, should be very easy for everybody, and, once you’ve learned how to create a .txt or .rst file (subtitle file format), it is just a matter of adding it to the video you are working on.

Another worth mentioning feature is that Subler enables you to re-use previously created subtitles for constructing future ones, if, for example, you will ever want to use the file for the same video, but with different subtitle content.

Export your muxed videos and enjoy the benefits of Apple device compatibility

Furthermore, contrary to what its name suggest, the Subler app is more than just a muxer, fact stated by its ability to convert .mkv files into m4v, tag metadata and export the edited video files to many formats such as: .m4v, mp4, h264, .264, .acc or .scc.

Thus, one will be able to watch the finished product onto his iPod or iPhone, and also in iTunes and Quicktime, giving Subler a good grade on the versatility and usability side.

Bottom line

Everything considered, Subler is a competent app in more fields that one would give it credit for after a quick look at its user interface, and, on the grounds of the fact that it’s a free app, there really isn’t anything you could ask more from it.

Subler was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on September 29th, 2015
Subler - You will be able to add new metadata entries using the bottom left drop down menu.Subler - The File/Import menu allows you to import metadata from offline or online sources.Subler - screenshot #3Subler - screenshot #4Subler - screenshot #5Subler - screenshot #6Subler - screenshot #7Subler - screenshot #8

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