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A fully-featured media player capable to play almost every kind of media file and supports file formats such as MPEG, MPEG 2, VOB and much more

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All Mac users enjoy watching movies, TV Shows or music video clips on their computer and, unfortunately, the default multimedia player provided by Apple does not support all video formats available out there. But thanks to SPlayerX, you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore.

SPlayerX is a straightforward OS X multimedia player that comes with a well-designed interface and support for a wide variety of video files. You can download SPlayerX from our website and decide if it is the media player you are looking for before buying it via the Mac App Store for $1.99.

To install SPlayerX you just have to download the lightweight ZIP file, decompress it using an archiving utility of your choice and copy the extracted application to your Mac’s Applications folder. The app will require approximately 22 MB of your hard disk free space.

From SPlayerX’s main window you can quickly and effortlessly load and play a video by simply dragging and dropping the file onto it’s interface. The playback is smooth and can be controlled using the predefined keyboard shortcuts or the playback toolbar.

SPlayerX offers advanced control over the playback process and enables you to change the aspect ratio, increase or decrease the playback speed and audio delay, capture the screen and adjust the audio volume via the Playback menu.

What is more, you can select the desired subtitle track by accessing the Subtitle menu. You can also adjust the subtitle delay by increasing or decreasing it and change the size of the text. In addition, SPlayerX enables you to overcome language barriers by automatically translating the subtitle into English or Chinese.

SPlayerX also comes with a built-in video tuner that you can use to adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast and hue of the played video.

In conclusion, SPlayerX is a very easy-to-use media player capable of playing numerous video formats that enables you to control the playback process and re-sync the subtitle track.

SPlayerX was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on June 4th, 2015
SPlayerX - From SPlayerX's main window you will be able to load and playback various video files.SPlayerX - The Playback menu helps you increase or decrease the playback speed and adjust the audio volume and delay.SPlayerX - By accessing the Subtitle menu, you can change the subtitle and adjust its size.SPlayerX - screenshot #4SPlayerX - screenshot #5SPlayerX - screenshot #6SPlayerX - screenshot #7SPlayerX - screenshot #8SPlayerX - screenshot #9

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