Prompt! Lite for Mac7.5.02

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Teleprompter software for your Mac






Prompt is an affordable simple teleprompter software solution for Mac
and Windows. User configurable, Prompt! can save in it's own format
and .txt to share between users on Mac and Windows.

Simple is the key to Prompt as it scrolls text, either mirrored or not and has simple word processing functions (like cut, copy, paste and whatever you decide to type from within the program).

Text can be imported and exported to and from the application in the standard .txt format as well as saved with a native Prompt! .pmt format.

Prompt saves its own file format so you can import text for the talent to read and then adjust the settings and then give the application and the file to your on-camera person to practice at their leisure in their own environment regardless of platform, either Macintosh or Windows. Prompt will also keep the scrolling settings you make with the file.
Last updated on April 27th, 2013
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