Photojunction (PJ Remix) for Mac

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If you’re in the business of portrait and wedding photography, Photojunction delivers sales, profits and productivity.

Use this application to organize and display your photos, design albums efficiently and creatively, interface with Photoshop, send your work to any album vendor or printing lab, create slideshows and more.

Photojunction is fast and fun to use – contemporary, visually appealing, intuitive and well-supported by a dedicated team. It will get you back faster to shooting pictures and selling them, where the fun and the money are.
Last updated on August 12th, 2011
Photojunction (PJ Remix) - In this window you can create a new album cover.Photojunction (PJ Remix) - Here you can access the event window.Photojunction (PJ Remix) - Folder changes can be made here.Photojunction (PJ Remix) - You can also make some studio changes.Photojunction (PJ Remix) - screenshot #5Photojunction (PJ Remix) - screenshot #6Photojunction (PJ Remix) - screenshot #7

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