Paper Mario!!! for Mac

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High quality replacement icons featuring cute designs inspired by different characters that you can find in the popular game Paper Mario.





Paper Mario!!! is a great collection that includes 19 high quality icon featuring different characters from the Paper Mario game.

The Paper Mario  adventure game takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom where Mario, the hero, must do his best to save Princess Peach from the dreadful Bowser. In his journey he gets to meet both nice and evil characters which are equally cute.

The Paper Mario!!! set provides icons inspired by characters such as Blabbermouth, Bobbery, Flurrie, Goombella, Grodus, Grubba, Gwonk, Jolene, Kammy Koopa, Koopie Koo, Koops, Koopy, Magnus Von Grapple 1.0, Mario, Princess Peach, Professor Frankly, RAWK HAWKKKKKK, Toadette or Vivian.

The Paper Mario!!! icons will look amazing on your desktop and can be used to quickly differentiate between different files.

The Apple Basic Icons support area enables you to learn more about managing icons on your Mac.
Last updated on February 21st, 2006
Paper Mario!!! - In the Finder window you can preview the icons included in the Paper Mario!!! icons.

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