OnTheAir Video Express for Mac3.2.9

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OnTheAir Video Express is a the ultimate QuickTime playout application on the Mac for professional looking playlist playout when using third party video cards or the Mac’s own Mini DisplayPort or HDMI ports.

OnTheAir Video Express can output in both SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition) and will even resize your SD clips to HD when outputting HDMI. It can output to your screen ANY file that QuickTime can read.

Play out movie files, sound files and pictures or other still images in the same playlist. Set a play duration for your still images and they will play out for that duration just as if they were a standard QT file.

Overlay incredible graphics on top of video and use OnTheAir Video Express as a Character Generator. Export your animations from your favorite animation software to a QuickTime file with Alpha Channel and overlay them on top of an incoming video signal.

Control OnTheAir Video Express from a video mixer. When pushing on a video mixer button, you can send a GPI trigger which will start or stop a clip in OnTheAir Video Express (this feature requires GPI Commander to convert GPI triggers to USB).
Last updated on March 27th, 2015
OnTheAir Video Express - OnTheAir Video Express will allow you to create and play professional looking playlist for QuickTime.OnTheAir Video Express - From the File menu, you will be able to create and / or manage playlists.OnTheAir Video Express - The Clip Inspector can be toggled from the Tools menu.OnTheAir Video Express - screenshot #4OnTheAir Video Express - screenshot #5OnTheAir Video Express - screenshot #6OnTheAir Video Express - screenshot #7OnTheAir Video Express - screenshot #8

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