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An easy to use Mac OS X utility that enables you to quickly upload tracks to your Google Music library or download the songs to your Mac.

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Google Play is a service provided by Google where you can browse, buy, and download applications for the Android operating system, but also books, magazines, movies, or music. To access the service, you must first register for a Google account, free of charge.

In addition, you have the opportunity to store up to 20,000 audio tracks in your Google Play account, and access them from any device connected to the internet, via a web browser. To facilitate the data transfer, Google provides the Music Manager app, which will automatically upload music to your account, or download tracks stored online to your current device.

Unobtrusive file transfer application for Google Play

After the initial set up, during which you must provide your Google account credentials and choose to upload or download music, the Music Manager application simply resides in your status bar without requiring user interaction.

However, the menu provides quick access to the music player (which will be automatically opened in your default web browser), and to the Preferences area. Keep in mind that Music Manager is installed as a Preferences Pane in your System Preferences: to open the app you must navigate to the pane and start the service.

Upload or download music in no time

The Music Manager app has two main functions: first you get to upload your music library to your Google Play account, and secondly, you get to download music from your account to your current device.

The download procedure is fairly straightforward: you can transfer your entire library, or only the tracks free and purchased, to your iTunes library, to your Music folder, or to a directory of your choice.

At the same time, you can upload music stored in your iTunes library, in your Music folder, or in any other directory from your disk. If you are extracting tracks from iTunes, you have the opportunity to move only certain playlists.

Fast and reliable file transfer solution for your Google Play music

Having Music Manager installed on your Mac is imperative if you want to upload or download content from your Google Play account: even if you will listen to the tracks via your web browser, the transfer procedure is exclusively handled by the Music Manager app.

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Last updated on September 10th, 2015
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