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Drag and drop based and straightforward utility that can be used to automate the task of extracting frames from a video as images

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If you find yourself working on a daily basis with video and extracting frame snapshots, MovieDek can help you get the job done quicker and easier.

MovieDek is a drag and drop based app, designed from the get-go to automate the process of extracting frames out of movies and exporting them to a folder of your choice as pictures, using a pre-defined image format.

Intuitive user interface and simple to customize export format for the extracted video frames

The image format, as well as the quality of the exported frames, can be selected from MovieDek’s Preferences window. The app can be setup to save the video’s frames as TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG and JPEG2000 images, with custom quality settings for the formats that support this feature.

From the Preferences window you can also choose if you want MovieDek to skip a number of frames when extracting the snapshots and the interval that the rule should apply to.

Fast and completely automated video frame extraction OS X tool designed to greatly speed up your workflow

Once a movie has been dropped onto MovieDek’s window, the app will start extracting the frames, very quickly, and will automatically save them to the directory you chose, while also applying the frame skip rules, if any.

When the job is done, MovieDek can be configured to automatically quit or, if you need it to run in the background for performing other similar jobs, you can just leave the “Quit when done” option from the Preferences window unchecked.

Makes it easy to get a quick count of the number of frames contained by any video to help you save storage space when batch exporting frames on your Mac's hard drive

Additionally, MovieDek features another useful tool, “Get Frame Count”, accessible from the already mentioned Preferences window. When clicking the button, you will be asked to choose the video you want to analyze and, upon completion, a notification screen will be displayed detailing the exact number of frames of the selected video.

This can prove very useful when deciding if you need to enable the frame skip option or not, in order to reduce the number of exported frames and the time spent analyzing them.

User-friendly and minimalist OS X utility that makes it possible to extract a movie's frames with a drag and drop on its interface

Although a very simple and basic application, MovieDek does its job very well and could help you save large amounts of time by partially automating various tasks that include video frame extraction.

MovieDek was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on February 17th, 2015
MovieDek - You can drag the movies you want to process on top of the main window of the application.MovieDek - In the Preferences window you can easily choose to scale images, as well as modify the image type and quality.MovieDek

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