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Stylish and easy to use Mac OS X application designed to help you create interactive web content by using both Flash and HTML5 technologies.

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Creating animated content for your projects by using Flash and HTML5 can prove to be rather challenging if you do not have the required technical skills. MotionComposer is a Mac app designed to help you develop interactive content via an user friendly interface, without going to the trouble of processing the images frame by frame.

Straightforward Flash and HTML5 animations creator featuring simple tools for developing high quality projects

For your convenience, the MotionComposer Welcome panel contains links to multiple resources that might help you get started: videos, text documentation, digital books or publications. In addition, when you start a new project, you can choose to use one of the built-in templates, and edit it to match your own needs.

Most of the MotionComposer capabilities are packed inside the app’s main window, so finding your way around is fairly easy: you can preview the project in the canvas area, the bottom bar allows you to organize the project scenes or slides, while the panel on the right enables you to adjust the object’s properties, the transition methods, and so on.

Develop graphic animations, include audio content, and then integrate them into online projects, applications, or eBooks

The MotionComposer animations can include graphic elements, text, images, or audio components. To help you deal with all the media usnits, MotionComposer comes with a manager that enables you to preview the images, or listen to the audio tracks.

The application allows you to construct you project any way you like, to create as many slides as you like, to apply transition effects, and so on. Once you are satisfied with the project, you can export it to both HTML5 and Flash file formats.

As a result, anyone will be able to view your animation, regardless of their web browser or of the operating system they are using. Note that you can also export the project as a widget and include it in an iBook project, or you can make use of the Aquafadas digital publishing system.

MotionComposer was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 7th, 2014
MotionComposer [DISCOUNT] - From MotionComposer's main window you can view and add text, images and audio to your project.MotionComposer [DISCOUNT] - The Inspector panel helps you analyze individually all the elements present in your project.MotionComposer [DISCOUNT] - By accessing the Image Library panel you can view and edit all the images used in your project.MotionComposer [DISCOUNT] - screenshot #4MotionComposer [DISCOUNT] - screenshot #5MotionComposer [DISCOUNT] - screenshot #6MotionComposer [DISCOUNT] - screenshot #7MotionComposer [DISCOUNT] - screenshot #8

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