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A fully-featured media center application that enables you to watch videos and TV shows, play songs and view pictures from within an distraction free environment

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MediaCentral is a comprehensive Mac OS X application specially made to help you turn your Mac into a multimedia hub that makes it easy for you to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, music and other media content.

Easily access all your multimedia content from one place

From MediaCentral’s main window you can browse through all available categories and play the desired video or song, view pictures and listen to various radio stations.

The navigation controls are intuitive and ensure a smooth browsing experience.

What is more, MediaCentral comes with support for most popular audio, video and image formats and it is capable to receive IP and digital TV streams.

On top of that, you can MediaCentral couple MediaCentral with TubeStick and watch recorded TV programs.

Display or hide information related to the currently viewed show or video

Thanks to the active onscreen display you can view content related information and take control over the playback. Moreover, MediaCentral allows you to hide or show the OSD and view EPG information for the currently viewed TV program.

MediaCentral also features a pref pane that enables you to enable the support for the Apple remote, set the default MediaCentral folder path and configure MediaCentral to ignore energy saving settings. By accessing the Online Content tab, you can select the languages in which you want to have the online content available and adjust the cache size.

Personalize MediaCentral’s interface and disable unneeded modules

Furthermore, MediaCentral comes with numerous customizable interface themes that you can adjust based on your preferences. Consequently, you can change the color of the background, menu item, title, background spot, selected menu item and content.

It is worth mentioning that MediaCentral is composed of multiple modules that you can enable, disable and configure with ease. Thus, you can toggle the TV, Radio, Pictures, Music, Movies, IP TV and DVD model with just a couple of mouse clicks.

MediaCentral was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 22nd, 2014
MediaCentral - screenshot #1MediaCentral - screenshot #2MediaCentral - Some general actions are available in this panel.MediaCentral - Here you can manage the online content.MediaCentral - You can also change the game theme.MediaCentral - Sound changes can be made in this panel.MediaCentral - screenshot #7

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