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A lightweight and practical Java based app that enables you to download and create pyTivo metadata, and re-encode multiple shows from your TiVos devices

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If you are the proud owner of a TiVo and you need a way to improve your TiVoToGO transfers with just a couple of mouse clicks, then Kmttg is the application you need.

Download, edit and enjoy TiVo shows

Thanks to Kmttg you can easily create and download pyTiVo metadata, detect and remove commercials, create closed captions files and batch re-encode multiple shows that you have stored on your TiVo. In addition, Kmttg is designed to automatically transfer and process shows from your TiVo based on the titles or the keywords you provided.

Simple and practical interface

From Kmttg’s main window you can select multiple shows at the same time and, with just a few clicks of a mouse button, you can download the selected items and, optionally, generate metadata file for pyTiVo.

Built-in video converter

Moreover, you can decrypt .TiVo files to MPG, run comskip in order to detect and remove commercials. You can also re-encode your TV Shows to more popular formats using the mencoder, ffmpeg or any of the available command line encoders.

All your jobs are displayed in a queue list along with the time, size and speed information for the current task. The top toolbar helps you start the provided jobs, choose the desired encoding profile and select the appropriate options.

Remote Control capabilities

What is more, Kmttg provides advanced Remote Control capabilities that allow you to control your TiVo, backup season passes to your hard-disk for series 4 units and also for 3 TiVo units. The Remote tab offers you an intuitive remote control that can help you control your device.

On top of that, Kmttg can capture Slingbox video output directly on your LAN or WAN and analyze your disk usage. Hence, you can visualize the disk usage thanks to an animated pie chart that shows the usage by category. There is also a table view that provides a disk usage summary per recorded channel as well as bit rates values for each channel.

Kmttg was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 13th, 2015

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