KATT 1.9

Play media files from your iTunes library via a K.I.T.T. like interface
KATT - Because it features all the buttons and knobs K.I.T.T. had in the movie, KATT will offer you an immersive experience no other app can match.
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K.A.T.T is a multimedia player application for Mac OS X that does not have all the "features" of other multimedia apps - it's a novelty app!

KATT is a simple, yet fun utility based off a certain car and it is designed to automatically load the files from your iTunes library when launched.

Main features:

  • Buttons :
  • OPEN - Allows you to open more files for KATT to play.
  • PLAY - Plays the currently selected file or if none selected plays the first song on the list.
  • PREV - Goes to the previous file and starts playing.
  • NEXT - Goes to the next file and starts playing.
  • STOP - Stops or pauses the audio and/or video. PRESS STOP AGAIN to continue playing.
  • NORM - Normal mode KATT will play the files in order of the list.
  • SELECT - Select Mode KATT will only play the files that have been selected via the check box.
  • RND - Random mode KATT will randomly select files to play.
  • DELETE SELECT - KATT will delete only the selected files indicated via the check box.
  • DELETE - KATT will delete the currently highlighted file.
  • PREV VISUAL - Goes to the previous visual. *For non video files only*
  • NEXT VISUAL - Goes to the next visual. *For non video files only*
  • SYS - Displays some "system" info about KATT.
  • C - Convertible.
  • Sliders :
  • BASS - add more bass.
  • TREBLE - add more treble.
  • VOLUME - Increase the audio volume.
  • Song list :
  • Double clicking on a file in the list will cause it to play.

last updated on:
February 22nd, 2014, 19:43 GMT
file size:
3.7 MB
license type:
developed by:
Eric Richards
operating system(s):
Mac OS X 10.4 or later
binary format:
Universal Binary
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2 Screenshots
KATT - From the Preferences dialog you will be able to adjust KATT's interface color and the amount of transparency you want it to have.
What's New in This Release:
  • Fixed a minor issue with the text scroller. Also a minor adjustment to the engine.
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