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Video player for the FilmOn service





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FilmOn HDi Player is a unique application that acts as a player for the FilmOn service, available at

Once installed you will have a new Desktop Icon named FilmOn HDi Player, opening this application will give you access to the FilmOn channels.

Once open please click on Account at the top left hand side of the player window and insert your username and password as set at registration stage.

Activate "remember the password" option and click OK. Then go to View-> Preferences and tick Sign in automatically. As well as amazing video quality, the FilmOn player gives you Live Recording Options, TV Listings and Built-in Parental Controls.
Last updated on August 13th, 2011
FilmOn HDi Player - Here you can visualize a TV channel.FilmOn HDi Player - Some playback actions, including recording, can be accessed this way.FilmOn HDi Player - You can also access some viewing actions.FilmOn HDi Player - Here you can make some general changes.FilmOn HDi Player - screenshot #5FilmOn HDi Player - screenshot #6

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