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A professional video player specially made for video editors, directors and production offices that require more control over the played movie

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CinePlay is a fully-featured Mac OS X video player that enables you to use timecode overlays, place markers, mask the video, check the safe areas and even transcode the played film.

Advanced video player featuring JKL and color-coded markers

From CinePlay’s main window you can easily load and playback various videos, view the timecode notation and even read the timecode stored in a given file. You can also add a timecode overlay to the movie, which can be placed anywhere within the main window.

Beside the basic playback controls, CinePlay also enables you to use the well-known “JKL” keys to pause, fast forward or rewind the video. What is more, you can skim trough the video frame-by-frame and place markers as the video is played.

By using the M key, you can place a marker, name it and assign the desired color based on your observation or comment. When you are happy with the added markers you can export them to plain text files or TXT files formatted according to the Final Cut Pro Marker List or Avid Locator List norms.

Built-in video encoder

What is more, CinePlay comes with a handy video converter that allows you to encode the video using the desired video and audio codec, frame rate, bitrate and video size. Moreover, you can use the In and Out points to trim your video before conversion. On top of that, you can export various frames from the video to the PNG, JPG or TIFF file format.

You can flip vertically or vertically and rotate left or right your video with just a few mouse clicks thanks to the View menu. In addition you can display the timecode along with the 4:3 or 16:9 Safe Area. The Timecode Display can show the standard timecode, the frame number or the elapsed time.

Cloud integration

Kollaborate users will be happy to know that CinePlay is capable to play cloud movies from Kollaborate, synchronize your comments and display notifications when new comments are available.

CinePlay was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 11th, 2015
CinePlay - From CinePlay's main window you can playback your videos, check the timecode and place markers.CinePlay - You can easily rename markers and change their color according to your needs.CinePlay - The File menu helps you open new files, browse Kollaborate files and export your movie, frame or markers.CinePlayCinePlayCinePlayCinePlay

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