Cheetah3D 6.3.2

Cocoa based 3D modeling, rendering and animation
Cheetah3D - The main interface of the application.
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Cheetah3D is a lean, fast and elegant 3D modeling, rendering and animation package for MacOS X with an easy learning curve.

Moreover, Cheetah3D is a great tool that offers many useful features from powerful polygon editing over advanced subdivision modeling to HDRI and radiosity renderings.

The Cheetah3D app provides the most useful features you need to get the job done, and organises them within a beautifully elegant user interface that's powerful, intuitive and quick to work with.

Performing truly advanced operations in Cheetah3D will seem like second nature very rapidly. Cheetah3D provides a level of productivity that you will be hard pressed to equal in software ten times the cost!

Main features:

  • Written from the ground-up in Cocoa
  • Universal Binary application.
  • Highly intuitive, thoroughly Macintosh-like user interface.
  • OpenGL preview.
  • Quad 3D view.
  • Customisable UI layout.
  • Almost all parameters can be animated.
  • Polygons can have any number of edges (ngons).
  • Full set of object, polygon and point selection tools.
  • Full transformation hierarchy.
  • Additional features can be assigned to objects using tags.
  • Intuitive editors for objects, materials and properties.
  • Up to 16 different materials per mesh.
  • A Fully integrated, multi-threaded renderer.
  • Drag and drop materials onto your polygon selections.
  • Link external 3D files into the scene.
  • Multi object selection.
  • Character animation tools.
  • Snapping.
  • Customisable hot keys.
  • Customisable mouse controls.
  • Customisable toolbar.
  • Scene objects: Cameras, Point Lights, Area Lights, Distant Lights, Spot Lights, Folders, Smart Folders, Joint.
  • Modifier objects: Array, Bulge, Build, Displace, Ring, Shear, Spherify, Subdivide (Catmull-Clark, Stam-Loop, Linear), Symmetry, Taper, Transform, Twist, Warp.
  • Parametric polygon objects.
  • Polygon object (ngon support): Cube, Ball, Cone, Disc, Plane.
  • Polyhedra ( [truncated] Tetra-, Octa-, Dedeca- and Icosahedra): Cylinder, Torus, Tube, Stair, Relief (height field).
  • Parametric spline objects: Spline Curve (linear, Bezier curve, Bezier spline, NURBS), Circle, Rect, Star, Cog, Flower, n-Edge, Helix.
  • Text (through any installed True Type Font).

last updated on:
September 29th, 2014, 5:59 GMT
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35.6 MB
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developed by:
Martin Wengenmayer
operating system(s):
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
binary format:
Intel only
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10 Screenshots
Cheetah3D - Some tools are available here.Cheetah3D - Camera and folder options.Cheetah3D - Mouse preferences.Cheetah3D - Some preferences are available here.Cheetah3DCheetah3DCheetah3DCheetah3DCheetah3D
What's New in This Release:
  • Supports Gatekeeper v2 signatures
  • Improved file exchange compatibility with other 3D apps
  • Fixed bug in Vec3D::dot() function
  • Fixed bug in 3DS camera import
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