Bricksmith for Mac3.0

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Virtual Lego modeling for your Macintosh






Bricksmith is a tool that helps you create virtual models of your Lego creations and enjoy them in all three dimensions. Bricksmith is an excellent tool for creating instructions of your Lego building projects.

Bricksmith provides model-making tools for creating steps and submodels and also offers access to thousands of parts and dozens of colors. You'll never run out of bricks with Bricksmith.

Bricksmith is based on LDraw, a fan effort to create 3D models of Lego bricks. Converters are available which enable you to feed your creations into a raytracer to produce beautiful 3D renderings.
Last updated on April 10th, 2014
Bricksmith - Here you can view and explore your project.Bricksmith - This menu allows you to choose the visualization type.Bricksmith - You can also browse the available parts.Bricksmith - Some tools can be accessed this way.Bricksmith - Zooming actions can be accessed from this menu.Bricksmith - Here you can change the available model.Bricksmith - screenshot #7Bricksmith - screenshot #8Bricksmith - screenshot #9

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