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A Final Cut Pro X companion application designed to help you quickly customize the encoding settings and develop time saving workflows.

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Designed to work with Final Cut Pro X, Apple Compressor offers you the possibility to quickly customize the export settings of your Final Cut Pro X projects. As a results, you will be able to share your work in a more flexible manner.

Apple Compressor can adjust the Final Cut Pro X encoding settings by changing the codecs, video sizes, the frame rate and many other parameters. Best of all, you can save your settings and share them with other users (simply send them the settings file).

To make sure the exported video looks exactly as you wish, Apple Compressor allows you to experiment with different options and then preview the result in real time. When you are satisfied, save the setting and then launch the Final Cut Pro application: the new export mode will be available in the Destinations preference pane.

Apple Compressor includes a wide collection of extremely useful options that can be used to eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline your workflow. In addition, you can create encoding droplets or batch templates by assigning an encoding setting to a job action.

Moreover, Apple Compressor comes with a collection of templates that will generate material compatible with Apple devices (iPods, iPads, iPhones or Apple TVs) or industry-standard formats, such as H.264, MPEG-2 or QuickTime, formats suitable for HTML live streaming and much more.

The Apple Compressor settings can include audio tracks or you can add DPX, Cineon or Targa image sequences. Furthermore, you are able to add metadata content, such as annotations, copyright info or keywords.

Additional functions include the capability to convert files to standard formats, to retime videos or to add image filters. Apple Compressor also provides the encoding features that are usually associated with Apple Qmaster.

Apple Compressor was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 4th, 2015
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