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A stylish and highly functional Mac OS X application designed to help you access, manage and playback the music collection associated with your Amazon account.

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Whenever you purchase music via the Amazon store you must download the track manually via the order confirmation, or employ the Amazon MP3 Downloader tool, and then import the song into a third party audio player.

Amazon Music is a great Mac OS X application designed to streamline the entire process and provide a much more user friendly experience: you can manage and play both your local and your Amazon Cloud music library via a stylish and organized user interface.

Easy to install and maneuver audio player for the Amazon music collection

To start using the Amazon Music application, all you have to do is launch the installer included in the archive and provide your Amazon account credentials when prompted. Keep in mind that, to have access to the Amazon Cloud music service, your credit card information is required.

The best part is that Amazon Music does not deal only with the music stored in the Amazon Cloud: the app will automatically detect and import all the tracks that are stored on your Mac. This way, you can easily access your entire music collection by using the same utility.

Packs basic but very effective playback and management tools that will help you enjoy your music

Amazon Music allows you to quickly sort the tracks included in your library by taking into account the artist, album, song name, or genre. At the same time, you can also visualize and create new playlists.

The app differentiates between the tracks that are stored locally and the ones available in the Cloud, but you also have the possibility to download the songs with a single click. Of course, Amazon Music also comes with a built-in audio player that has basic functions: play / pause, skip to the next / previous track, adjust the volume level, repeat, and shuffle.

User friendly desktop solution for accessing your music collection and purchasing new track via the Amazon store

Amazon Music not only allows you to download previously purchased music and integrate it within your local library, but also enables you to purchase new songs by making use of the same stylish and intuitive environment. This way, the need to browse the store via a web browser is annulled, and you get to access your music a lot faster.

Amazon Music was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 2nd, 2015
Amazon Music - In the Amazon Music main window you can easily browse your music collection by playlists, albums, genre, and so on.Amazon Music - In the Amazon Music main window you can also playback the tracks included in your music collection.Amazon Music - screenshot #3Amazon Music - In the Amazon Music Preferences window you can easily adjust the interface language, and more.Amazon Music - screenshot #5

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