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Adds music albums to iTunes without them becoming jumbled up when viewed according to 'Date Added'





Add My Tunes is a free and simple to use OS X app that slowly moves folders so that albums aren't mixed up together in iTunes if you view by Date Added.

Add My Tunes also adds the tracks in 'correct order' when viewed by Date Added.

Files must be moved slowly, please be patient. The Add My Tunes program can handle folders inside folders, etc.

You can adjust the pauses which take place between each song and also every 200 songs. The default values (20 / 1) have been found to work well in Windows and MacOS, both for large music collections and new installs.

Please leave the radio buttons alone unless you *need* to change them.

Do NOT store this application inside the folder you're moving.
Last updated on April 25th, 2012
Add My TunesAdd My Tunes

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