simuPOP 1.1.3

Free and open source forward-time population genetics simulation environment
simuPOP evolves population(s) forward in time - subject to arbitrary number of genetic and environmental forces (recombination, migration, mutation, population size change etc.).

Easy simulations like most models in standard population genetics books can be setup easily, whereas very complicated simulations such as spreading of complex diseases, ancient out-of-africa migrations can be built step by step by adding appropriate operators (objects that work on populations).

Main features:

  • five types of modules
  • autosome, chromosome X, chromosome Y and mitochondrial chromosomes support
  • multi-generation populations
  • virtual subpopulations
  • arbitrary nonrandom mating schemes
  • scripting interface

last updated on:
July 31st, 2014, 9:30 GMT
file size:
49.5 MB
developed by:
Bo Peng
license type:
operating system(s):
Mac OS X
binary format:
Universal Binary
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What's New in This Release:
  • Add a new mating scheme ConditionalMating to apply different matings schemes to populations with different properties.
  • Allow the passing of mutants (non-zero alleles) as a dictionary to user-provided function in call-back functions of PySelector, PyQuanTrait, and PyPenetrance. This can be more efficient for large genomes with few mutants.
  • Allow the use of (chr,pos) pair to specify loci when parameter loci is accepted.
  • Allow the pass of a function to parameter loci of many operators. This allows dynamic determination of loci to be applied.
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