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Develop and evaluate algorithms for reconstructing 2D, 3D and even 4D (the extra dimension is time) images





jSNARK is a unique, easy to use, simple programming system designed to help researchers interested in developing and evaluating reconstruction algorithms.

jSNARK is the next incarnation of the SNARK programs, the first of which was written by Richard Gordon in 1970. This was followed by SNARK77 and SNARK89 which were written in FORTRAN.

They were specifically designed to help with the problem of reconstructing cross-sections of the X-ray absorption coefficient distribution inside the body from X-ray projections. SNARK93 extended this capability to include positron emission tomography, PET (where the problem is that of reconstructing cross-sections of isotope concentrations inside the body from X-ray projections). SNARK05 is an updated version of SNARK93 written in C++.
Last updated on January 26th, 2013
jSNARK - In this window you can analyze and edit your project.jSNARK - Here you can visualize the contents of your project.jSNARKjSNARK

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