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A lightweight OS X application designed to enable you to access the versatile Wolfram|Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine from your Mac's desktop

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iPhi is a simple Mac OS X desktop client for the Wolfram|Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine that eliminates the need to use Wolfram|Alpha in your browser. Moreover, the application comes with several advantages over the browser based version.

Wolfram|Alpha is an incredibly powerful tool for solving all kinds of problems and accessing a compendium of world knowledge. If you are familiar with the Wolfram|Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine, then you will not have a problem using iPhi.

Besides providing access to both the desktop (full) and mobile versions of Wolfram|Alpha in a resizable window, the app enables you to save search result pages, print pages in a friendly format and to access an input field for doing various calculations.

Furthermore, as soon as you open iPhi for the first time, you will see the main pane where you can access Wolfram|Alpha, the upper toolbar that provides access to several functions and a pane divided into the history and the calculations tabs.

Every search result is kept in both the History module of the website itself and in the app’s own History tab. What’s more, you can just double click the history item to open it. As for the functions tab, it allows you to open separate input fields for the following: Differentiate, Integrate, Linear Algebra, Plot and Solve Equations.

Other smaller features include navigational toolbar buttons, a refresh function, a home button, full-screen mode and the support for keyboard shortcuts to access bookmarks. As mentioned before, iPhi also supports printing the result page in a format that eliminates all standard panes and sidebars.

To conclude, iPhi is an unsophisticated but quite powerful desktop port to the famous Wolfram|Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine. The app comes with some features of its own and with an affordable price tag.

iPhi was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on March 31st, 2014
iPhi - From the main window, you can access Wolfram|Alpha and several additional features.iPhi - iPhi includes its own search history pane and the mobile and desktop versions.iPhi - The Mobile version is more compact and displays only the answer to the question.iPhiiPhi

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