iNMR Reader 5.4.3

A lightweight and user-oriented NMR processing application that enables you to print and generate PDF file based on the input data
iNMR Reader - By accessing the main window of the application, you will be able to open the desired .spins file.
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iNMR Reader is a straightforward NMR reader that enables you to work with multiple types of NMR spectra from different spectrometers and scanners ranging from 1 to 3 dimensions.

Streamlined spectra analyzer and interpreter

From iNMR Reader’s main window you can read foreign spectra without translating the source file into another format.

As a result, iNMR Reader automatically interprets the native data and applies the required processing on the fly with increased accuracy.

Although iNMR Reader works directly with the original files, their integrity is never damaged or modified. Your work, integration limits, personal notes and other related modifications are saved into separate PDF files.

Visualize the loaded data and write your own notes

With iNMR Reader’s help, you can insert chemical formula and other detailed information into your spectra and generate ready-to-publish lists of chemical shifts and coupling constants. At the same time, iNMR Reader makes it easy to render full-screen previews and slideshows of your spectra that you can also view from within your Mac’s Finder window.

By allowing Spotlight to index your files, you can take advantage of a searchable spectroscopic database that requires little to no effort to find the needed spectra.

Simulate various spectra and conduct experiments

Moreover, iNMR Reader helps you simulate 1D spectra of 1/2 spins in a partially oriented state or in the solution state, including the phenomena of chemical exchange and fit them into an experimental counterpart.

It is worth mentioning that iNMR Reader comes with a series of commands that are disabled by default. Consequently, you’ll not be able to use the Save, Save All, Export, Export All, Process Folder, Console nor the console commands. On top of that, the AppleScript is not implemented and the Spotlight and QuickLook plugin are not included.

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iNMR Reader

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What's New in This Release:
  • Manual Reindexed (Mac).
  • New Bruker filter.
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10 Screenshots
iNMR Reader - From the Format menu you can access Axes and Scales  as well as modify levels and colors.iNMR Reader - From the View menu you can choose to split the current plot or view integral values.iNMR ReaderiNMR ReaderiNMR ReaderiNMR ReaderiNMR ReaderiNMR ReaderiNMR Reader

Application description

iNMR Reader is an easy to use, powerful NMR processing application, same as iNMR, but can save in PDF only.iNMR Reader...

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