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An advanced and open-source utility that enables you to edit EEPROMs and to simulate opentx, gruvin9x, er9x, partially th9x firmwares




companion9x is a free, open-source cross-platform application that is capable of editing EEPROMs and simulating opentx, gruvin9x, er9x, partially th9x firmwares for the 9X transmitter.

In other words, companion9x provides you with a handy conversion system between EEPROM formats which are specific to each firmware.


· Download and install the Full installer (version 0.97)
· Download the Updater (version 1.31)
· Copy the application from the Updater to the Application folder and replace the old version
Last updated on February 20th, 2014
companion9x - The upper toolbar enables you to open a new file, save it, print or burn your projects and more.companion9x - In the 9x Simulator window, you can view and control the X and Y coordinates of each graph.companion9x - The window for editing model 13 includes a wealth of customizable parameters such as Heli Setup, Flight modes, Expos/Dr etc.companion9xcompanion9xcompanion9xcompanion9x

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