StormForce XR for Mac0.4.1

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Helps you connect Boltek LD-250 and/or Boltek EFM-100 lightning detector to your Mac





StormForce XR is a free and open-source, Python based application that connects to a Boltek LD-250 and/or Boltek EFM-100 lightning detector and displays lightning strikes in real-time on your desktop delivered via XMLRPC.

StormForce XR was re-written using the v0.6.0 codebase of StormForce, StormForce XR has been split into two components - the server side and the client side.

Furthermore, there are only five external packages (with only one being optional) - serial (server only), pygame (client only), psycopg2 (server only), twisted (server only), and optionally matplotlib (client only) to simplify installation.

Also, the server side can provide a external (third-party) application access to the StormForce engine and dataset via XMLRPC on its own. This means you can write your own client application which talks to the server should wish to do so.

StormForce XR is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
Last updated on September 8th, 2012
StormForce XR - When running the sxr_client command line tool from a Terminal window without arguments, it will display a license message.

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