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A powerful and versatile academic reference manager that enables you to stay updated to the latest research literature and organize your materials

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Sente is a comprehensive and user-oriented academic references manager that enables you to easily collect reference material, organize your library, read, annotate and cite academic research papers.

Your own personal research hub

Moreover, Sente allows you to synchronize your library across your iOS devices and access the same library from an unlimited number of Macs or iPads from multiple locations.

Sente’s well-designed and intuitive interface helps you focus on one group of references at a time with the help of the single collection tabs. At the same time, the single reference tabs can be used to concentrate on currently opened references.

For a distraction free working environment, you can enable the fullscreen mode and enjoy the entire space provided by your Mac’s display.

Gather, organize and customize your library

With Sente’s help, you can effortlessly build your research library using a wide variety of sources such as EBSCOHost, JSTOR and PubMed. The targeted browsing also makes it easy to download the PDFS and add them to your library.

Furthermore, the bulk searches can be used to retrieve numerous references from multiple sources like Web of Knowledge, PubMed, as well as hundreds of research and university libraries. You can also import libraries directly from Bookends, EndNote, Mendeley, Papers, Reference Manager and Zotero.

Naturally, your library will grow as new references are added and, as a result, you need specialized tools to keep everything organized. Hierarchical QuickTags enable you to catalog your references while the built-in smart collections make it easy to access your library.

Read, highlight, annotate and take notes with ease

You can create custom subsets using smart collections and personalize Sente based on your needs with custom statuses. Sente’s batch editing capabilities allow you to edit multiple files in numerous references at the same time.

From Sente’s main window, you can also highlight text fragments, capture quotations, write down notes and more. The built-in versatile annotation tools can be used to create notes for your references and link them to the source text.

Sente was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 24th, 2015
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