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An easy to use Mac OS X application that offers you the possibility to quickly manipulate scientific data in order to generate 2D plots.

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Analyzing scientific data without the proper tools can prove to be rather challenging. Plot is a small yet powerful Mac OS X application that enables you to perform multiple calculation and generate high quality 2D plots.

Easily import data

For your convenience, Plot is able to import scientific data from either text or binary files. In addition, it can extract information from MySQL databases or from EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System).

Last but not least, you can add data via simple copy and paste, or drag and drop actions in the Plot Inspector window.

Generate plots using the supported functions

The plot generated in the Plot graphic window is directly influenced by the adjustments you make in the Inspector window.

Here, you must choose to assign one of the functions supported by the Plot application. Note that you can view all the mathematical expressions that can be used in Plot by accessing the Help area.

Includes Macro language functions

The Plot macro language includes over 200 different commands that can be used to adjust the plot axis, the coordinate system, the color range, to describe arguments and set up variables, make calculations, add text and graphic elements and more.

Export the data to image files

Plot allows you to save your project as a .plot document that can be edited at a later time, or you can export the results to ASCII. In addition, Plot enables you to export the result to popular image files, such as PNG, JPG, EPS, or PDF.

Complex yet easy to use 2D plotting solution

Plot enables you to quickly generate 2D plots by analyzing scientific data and performing different calculations. The application can create all sorts of graphic representations by making use of the built in mathematical expressions. Moreover, Plot comes with a Macro language that includes more than 200 different commands.

Plot was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on April 16th, 2015

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