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Plot planes and lines in a stereographic, equal angle or equal area, projection.






Stereonet3D is a very easy to use application designed to plot planes and lines in a stereographic, equal angle or equal area, projection.

The program can produce various types of plots such as scatter plots of lines, great circle plots of planes, contour diagrams of lines, rose diagrams, stereonets viewed from any orientation, and plots of latitude-longitude data (e.g. coastlines).

In addition, the program can perform various operations on data, including calculating poles to planes, rotation of planes and lines, constraining lines to lie on respective planes, mean vector, cylindrical best fit, and conical best fit to a distribution of lines, and angle between lines and planes.

Stereonet3D is a revamped Cocoa version of the popular Stereonet program by Richard Allmendinger.

Stereonet3D has the same functionality as Stereonet, but in addition it has advantages such as a faster and more intuitive interface to work with data, multiple lines and planes datasets and multiple documents, and great speed and graphics.
Last updated on February 28th, 2015
Stereonet3D - By accessing the main window of the application, you will be able to view the desired graphsStereonet3D - From the Data menu you can toggle items on or off, as well as add data from plot.Stereonet3D - From the operations menu you can access lines from planes, rotate data and access the variable rotation feature.Stereonet3DStereonet3D

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