OMSSA Parser for Mac

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A Java app that helps you preview and analyze omx files





OMSSA Parser is a cross platform parser for OMSSA (Open Mass Spectrometry Search Algorithm) omx files.

The OMSSA Viewer enables you to visualize the content of an omx file, and also allows you to export segments of the dataset to other file formats.

By using the OMSSA Praser Jar file as a Java library you can add it to your own program in order to extract the required parts of the dataset.
Last updated on December 21st, 2014
OMSSA Parser - From OMSSA Parser's main window you will be able to add the search results file, the modifications file and the user modifications file.OMSSA Parser - The OMSSA Viewer window helps you preview and analyze various spectra and their graphic interpretation.OMSSA Parser - By accessing the Export menu, you can export the spectra files table or only the selected spectrum.

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